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one millivolt of current causes an excursion of one centimeter of the
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which published a review of it, said : " When will similar pub-
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tainly changed but very little during several gene-
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On the banks of the Platte, July 11, 1894 (No. 396); also on the
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larger divisional reserve store of the same nature. The object
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the assumption that the action of the vagus is confined to the sinus,
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Bright's disease, its presence is first ascertained on the post-
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^ An attempt has recently been made to claim tlie Tropical disease Yaws as a malady,
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Dr. Christian: As we percuss we do not get the usual cardiac
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the more common vegetables. Meats have about fifteen per cent. The
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light green tea, until the cathartic begins to ope-
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rent. For the physician, the galvanometer to be de-
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serious lesion; may be in the mouth, eyes, etc., and have catarrhal dis-
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direct experiments with ducks, which he fed on banstickles.
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tions involving the removal of both ovaries, where the menstrual flow,
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Pathological Specimens in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons
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Result. — 5J drachms, yellowish, quickly exploding, swelling
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always more or less present, and mach granular prosphatio
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his hands in the popliteal space (the leg being flexed, and
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Veal — Veal should be perfectly white; if purchasing
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For sale m cases containing 12 bottles, 15 years old. Price
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was first discovered.' The description of Dr. Lyons agrees in all
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sembling in appearance the tumour found in the stomach.
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manifestations, it cannot properly be said that the insanity is
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and, if the symptoms speedily disappear, so continues it.
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A. Eye examination; Extraocular muscle function and
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and rehabihtating this most ancient branch of surgery.
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appeal to his medical advisers for careful watch over him.

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