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beast is reduced. Stiffness of the joints soon presents itself,

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with creamy lymph, and adherent to chest-wall and to diaphragm ; the right

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attended to the microbes get a little less of the food and the man

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nutrient substances are used up is due to the develo])-

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Fletcher and Hopkins have carried out an investigation on lactic

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The volcano on St. Vincent known as La Soufriere was also vis-

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In Massachusetts apothecaries and other persons are required to

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terious matter which may have found its way into tbe

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secretion of urine noted, to the alkaline element of the

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found that a piece was chopped on from the inner malleo-

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water, but by irrigating those crops first which would

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tremely severe contusion of their lips, with the regular gradation

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tect the injured parts from pressure. In the treat-

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range and the roots and herbs that nature supplied and

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methods seem worthy of serious r-ousideration which

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up his ears, and seems to hear something, or he rushes out bark-

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sented to the College by the late Nathan M. Freer, of the Board of Trustees, as a

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Deeded; a fresh piece of oiled gutta-percha skin being sabsequentlj applied.

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practitioners only twenty would use it at all, and only two employed it ex-

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anxiety to do this, the'authors have sometimes sacrificed literary

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ito foster our close communication on the issues at hand.

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self had abandant experience of the disease. But he calls attention to another

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made directly to a candidate is identified only with that

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lowest far from benign. Although the injuries which

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(or swine plague) is not presented, and judging from the brevity with

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Canada Medical Journal, in the files of which many of his in-

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mainly upon the ignorance of the patient and the inattention of the

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profession. Possibly observers may be able to add further to

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chevre. [Read 16 mars] <"Compt. rend. Soc de biol., Par., v. 62 (10), 22

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{)aper for their candor. They have exactly the same

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States have few cases of lobar pneumonia, while the Gulf States show

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centra-indication, although it may be well to omit the baths for a day or two.

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Finding that no benefit resulted from the treatment,

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