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predisposed bj r high living to develop fast and too much galloping.
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the ring (through which the intestine descended), by means of a
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John H. Randall, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
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Douglas died, unfortunately, in the following year, but
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it for dengue, and lets slip the important time for treatment,
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age 22, nervous temperament, was taken in labor at 6 P. M.,
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curing an abortion. Soon after taking the drug, she
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mittent fever. Having just had a case beautifully illustrating this point — al-
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times used to denote castration; this word means, to deprive of aggres-
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of a life-long devotion to ijhy.siological science which
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the latter will carry it out and recover from the person concerned.
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given the information desired, though some months have elapsed.
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In a few weeks he was moved to London. The end did not
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operation. The patient's condition would not warrant
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ering of veterinarians at Philadelphia in 1876, and at fre-
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finement. Those who die are few compared with those who suffer pre-
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On page 15, Vol. xxxi, 1919, the scale of Text-fig„ 1 should read 0, 5 10
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That bronchopneumonia occurs secondarily to lobar pneumonia is
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not so essential as in the mother. But there is always " war in the wig-
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first year as during all the rest of life. This growth makes
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foregoing description. It now remains for us to emphasise
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Besides its power of digesting protein, the gastric juice is also endowed
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mouth of the patient in the act of coughing, etc. On the Con-
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it was uncommon to find it giving rise to pyorrhoea alveolaris.
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had favorable results in cases of severe atony of the
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ance with picrocarmine, whereas before it was uninfluenced. From
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potent factor in bringing about the potential immunity, which is
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simultaneous use of some or all of these tests along lines of asso-
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pus was readily let out and the hydatid membrane riddled with
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In its physiological elb-ct it was a paralyzing agent on
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direct action on that organ. Such cases are j pheric air. Curiously enough no efTect

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