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patients may be restless, active and noisy, with periods of special excitement

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for squeezing the solar plexus out of all semblance to a radiating cen-

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casks. In a few cases it seems to cause diarrhoea, but

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and a Trustee of the Regional Health Facilities Planning

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says the only treatment is surgical, which is as follows:

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this is discovered, stop with the balls, and add sulphur

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By Robson Roose, M.D.F.C.S. Third Edition. London: HK.

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men do not afford see.-!, but are two eggs, like those of fowls

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1415-1440 feet, a lighter color, containing small fragments

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dents, J. Milton Welch, of Kansas; William M. Durham, of

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be known to those charged with their administration :

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tobacco on mouth-bacteria, — and smokers will be glad to know, on

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down the middle fingers, straining the knuckles, which

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may be so serious that life is endangered. Improve-

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as abnormal as Nebuchadnezzar's image which was part of iron and part

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a malignant tertian infection assumed a pronouncedly septic type,

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alveoli are most affected, finer rales are heard in corresponding

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frequency with which cancer of the cervix uteri involves the bladder

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same conclusions as Prevost, so that we are now fully justified in

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of making a stronger closure in this case would have been to split

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lescence from the other. In the former case the diagnosis may present

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any visceral engorgement, and even in physiological conditions.'

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Sachet, Anti-phthisic. — In 12 oz. of strong decoction of

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convey those decisions with an air of authority and certainty

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however, is that if they do not descend within a twelvemonth

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variation, with the utmost stretch of my voice, and great agitation

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