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first such plants as were from time to time found of use,

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most satisfactory manner, it would be desirable to consider

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Garrow, A. E . . . . .... Ottawa, 0. McEwen, H Carleton Place, O.

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men are often subject : and lastly, it may also proceed from

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isolated places and does not seem to be carried to any extent from one place to

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The approximate proportions of carbon to nitrogen in some common articles

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gangrene. Pain if present is usually due to an associated condition, such as

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more polar lipids (ceramides and cholesterol) causes pro-

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March 25, 1631, is to the same intent, adding that " the

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as a means of imparting information to those who have

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side by irritation of the dura mater. This I have frequently seen in the

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have not had a disturbing tonsillar hemorrhage. At the present

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measures the adult has very little to fear, the child, on the other

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siderable distension of the retinal vessels in the left.

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cently studied with care the position of the nerve-tract whicli has the

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is usually associated with morbid changes in other organs of the body ; and the

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yieldea any very positive results. It is, I believe, very inferior in utility to

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Mr. Quain, however, in his recent work,* denies that spasmodic con-

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nevertheless, the diagnosis is very difficult. The pain itself is,

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3. Bassini, Eduard: Nuova methodo per la cura radicale dell’

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which occurs in a special site. Where recovery occurs, partial absorption of the

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in clue time something entirely resembling chancre was developed.

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towel until the blood oozed through the skin. A 24-hour bouil-

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pubes to 3 in. above the umbilicus, and which measures transversely

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portance than the cure of the disease, is the following:

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1905 d. — Idem. [Abstract of 1902 c, by von Linstow] <Ibidem, p. 73.

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There is no doubt that suoh cases have been frecttien^

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tirpation begun were we positively aware that this woman's

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troduced it into a district previously healthy. Blanche cites a case of a

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Had the weather not been so cold (30 below zero), and with an

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permit them to enter the "closed wards," and in these during the past

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