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another spoonful or two if you have it to spare.' "
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of all kinds, sometimes killing many, and at other times attack-
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16. Practical Course in Operative Surgery on Animals. — Given to the
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The many friends of Dr. J. G. Rutherford, Veterinary
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diaphragm, and on consideration this seemed to me to be the most
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toid muscle for females. The object in the latter being to avoid
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and nineteen days after confinement. The disease was acute and pro-
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or as little as you like about these structures. With the class that
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uterus is more or less extensively deranged, in consequence of an
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HOUSE ACTION: Referred back to the Board of Trustees.
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1952. Campbell, Edward W., Abington Memorial Hospital
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a day or two. This may not be in accord with the ideas of some
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although one unsuccessful attempt had been made to close
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Sidebones is the apt term used to describe the turning
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try. But there is one omission in this bill, that will work as a
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•3450 Theses. [Latin theses submitted for law degrees at the
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flap should be fully one-third of the length of the anterior flap As regards
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tuberculosis. She requested operation, a gastro-enterostomy, or whatever
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with stimulants, and the use of Iodide of Potassium freely and
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Peptic ulcer develops in almost every animal in which the fore-
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tortuosities in that tube and to the normal points of narrowing just below
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play of the joint in all its movements. It is necessary to employ minute pre-
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assertedly obtained a medical diploma from the Univer-

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