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which are very wild and have never been handled, it is of course impos-
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that certain of the spots are much more reactive than others, and that those
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we recognise two forms of dysentery — the pundo-gangrenous, and the
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Yor foreign bodies lodged in the bronchi, Killian's bronchoscope has
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retina, (as in the dark,) it is probably the result of paralysis rather than
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are a "dying declaration," and the physician is the
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lactation. As I would restrict the instances of insanity which I propose to
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disease is due to some remediable affection of the lungs.
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cedema, 5 markedly oedematous, and 5 in the condition known as
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her special work. We all know that the main thing to do in
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at llie flanks, and the lining of his nose is inflamed, and his eyelids
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sible of the great value of the present, and of the superior means
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Lower two-thirds of the upper lobe of the left lung
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short duration, devastated the town and environs, and
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S- ifr. -^rr-n * Xidrlr-i jmnwm^ii:.*' At :V ^*»?^
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benefited by the diversion of immune bodies indicated.
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During the last few years the subject has been well ventilated,
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operate without danger to the patient from his source,
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these events were drug related Myocardial infarction occurred m about 4° 0 ot patients and conges-
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bones, and the retroversion of the occipital bone. The fontaneiles
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Corrington, Dale Donatus, a, w, sp, Mt. Vernon, S.D. A.B. (U. of South Dakota)
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sufficient piece of the membrane, to remain firmly fixed for any
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part of the abdomen. The pulse was 98, and temperature 100^.
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local in its nature. In diseases of a chronic character,
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stirring it till it be equally mixed, and then spread upon a
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chief surgeon, in an endorsement in this report, that
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be, or be not, in any degree curative. Now, assuming that
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8. Cerebral sleep (sopor) ; pupils contracted ; dreams; reflex
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arises — ^How can this be effected with the greatest economy
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be removed, or, where this is impossible, must be opened into
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edge of infection increases it becomes more and more evident that

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