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loop of small intestine nearest the stomach, and after
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five gallons be wanted, the same proportions should be ob-
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produced discharges of large masses of a gelatinous mucus from the
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hope, less sympathetic and pitiful, but certainly more philo-
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and (on account of the action of the Tannin) its being so perfectly well
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greater degree of certainty. Eight nail holes are usu-
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are too widely opened, at the next moment they are closed. The sniffing
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omentum was removed, weighing only four pounds. The omentum
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when all the residents in a hotel who partook of the evening " meal " suf-
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in furthering and promoting Public Health activities in this Pro-
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upon which the child rests. When discovered on the penis of
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and four dollars worth will be sent to them free of
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Appointed annually by Board to review previous year’s audit)
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of the fingers, but very few cases of clubbing of the fingers showed real
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because only by this means may therapeutic methods be firmly established in
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along the oculomotor nerve, therefore, are obviously cells which
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time being, you can put the head straight by either a strong battery current
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A fracture is a broken bone. There are two great classes of frac-
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burrows in an upward direction, and breaks out at the top of the
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Fifthly, we have proved that the induced disease by inoculation in the
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-61702 Tobin, R. F. Synopsis of surgery. Lond. 1898.
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the patient's surroundings are often, from the point of
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remove the disease, he acceded to his request. After removing
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known distance — seldom should it exceed 1 centimetre — are needed
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manner the appearances presented by the commoner diseases. We are
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of colloidal solutions may therefore be denned as the local concentra-

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