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bread for her ; I reckon home-made bread, wet up with new

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operations described for Caesarean section, an incision through the

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rate was only 80, and the respirations were 28 per minute. There

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adherent cicatrix and end of the bone was decided upon. Two

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not fouud or, if found, could not be sutured. Of these

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onl}^ to general biology, but also to protozoology as applied to scientific

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Dr. J. F. NovES, of Detroit, had tried operative pro-

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bleedings from wounds. Examples : Perchloride of iron,

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on the size of the territory served and on the variety of duties, as will appear.

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shaped block, say an inch long, a quarter broad, and three-

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same is true of chlorosis, especially when it occurs at the period

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naturally follow. They are very seldom seen except as the result of

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much stronger growth and in each of the nineteen varie-

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cattle that are tested for reasons like the following :

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feller Institute for Medical Research at the Thomas Wilson Sanitarium for

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refers to localized inequalities which might occur judging from

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hope the number will " pass muster," and wish you all a

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It might seem probable that this would decompose the ■.■hloiide of m«r-

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to graduate is too short — the term of lecturing too short, and the differ-

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area 6 cm. in diameter. This persisted for 1 week, after which absorption became

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the organization, nor to any technique which may con-

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Cakmichakl, D. a., surgeon. Granted leave of absence for

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"A second child, about six years of age, was seized with purging in the course

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may be illustrated by the following examples : — In one case there may be

how long does it take to get high on mucinex dm

was completely occluded. A ten-per-cent solution of coaine was

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Nerves acroee ihe Middle Line of the Body, By Jkffriis

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She, for the doleful person is almost always a woman, is always a

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Almighty was so unmerciful, what would become of every one of

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