Thermofit Fat Fighters

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not uncommon in new-born infants. In most of the eruptions
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cause remains to be considered before we can perfectly trace
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strike for a part or all of these improvements. Since the per-
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is near the surface of the lung the clinical picture of pleuritis may develop.
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Upon this answer hinges my message to you to-night.
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hot stage there should be free purgation; ice may be applied to the
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this could hardly be otherwise. Again, it is at least
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one the subject of surgery. As a rule the number of teachers was
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is no recorded instance where lumbrice or ascarides caused the tetany ;
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applied to the radium treatment of exophthalmic goitre.
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Nowhere is an applicant’s personality more apparent than
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one unit of Zoology in high school may begin with course 15, but will be required
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indicated that the emptying of the stomach occurred at a rate which
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less severely than before. She had gained strength, and her cough had been less trouolesome.
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in 1877, one °f i* s leading features was the revision of the con-
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eve was brilliant, the pupil widelv dilated, the pulse hurried, and the respiration laboured.
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terised by atheromata, or by a vascular injection which may lead to
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are not convinced, however, that Holden was not right in omitting all
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on which weeds mentioned in Schedule A were found growing, and of
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Hagens, of this Laboratory, for technical assistance.
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along with many others, where lesser defects have been
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with inflammatory processes in the nose and throat, it is fair to

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