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provement, alarming symptoms supervene, severe diarrhea occurs
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scribed by Laennec, about the year 1818; when he showed how
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Arthur's Syrup Hypophosites demonstates its restorative powers.
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showed extensive exudative infiltration in the left upper
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The application of metal electrodes and thdr attachment to the atatle machine
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cine, opium, for instance, in the nurse's hands, to be
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tributed our mite to diminish the sum of human suf-
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favors the liberation of hypochlorous acid and renders the
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stimulants (sweet spirits of nitre) and diuretics (iodide ol
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•571(42) Windle, B. C. A. Eemains of the prehistoric age in
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the public approbation and confidence. Such a course of united
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He answers questions only after an interval and at first has difficulty in
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and with hesitation, and is soon abandoned for the iodide of potassium The
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with choier ; cheese,. both new and old, afflicts it with me-
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the eye inflammation was caused, but no suppuration,
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as a morbid growth, starting in the sinus or cells of either
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a current as the patient could conveniently bear was
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The pupils do the actual work of nursing in the homes
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allude to what takes place in the limbs and vertebral column : the
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done. It seems to me that it is not only a question of being
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all necrotic and ulcerative processes on mucous surfaces where bacteria
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" Separately and singly, although it is an important
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larger and nearer than usual, and, by their expres-
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hydrochloric nitric, and acetic acids, ammonia, and solution of causae
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a year by purgatives. I do not approve of this proceed-
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over-sanguine as to its immediate fruits. The essentials
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I requested Dr Mendes de Leon to see my patient, to investigate
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to the necessity of crowding the men during the winter season in bar-
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the lungs, from each of which the utility of alcohol as a therapeutic
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structures, not from broken bones, contused muscles, and
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