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as bronchial breathing and pleuritic friction. Large eflfusions into the

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questions of "death certiucates" and "alterations in tiie

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Tlierapeutics, neurology and, 781, 8:3;t ; by tele-

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that at certain times during the development of the embryo some cells

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than £:.'.' w a year send money in " instalment," while wintering in the

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strual fluid was still retained, or to adhesions at the fundus

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a little different from that of the membrane in the throat. The proc-

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, -. ..-Srwx^ in their transit from the small intestine to the

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medicines is into the fimctional and constitutional remedies. The

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i\[\A' '^ciivuis changes, the most important of which is narrowing of the

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ursw^ rivs;N's. U lv\>s<.\ and hungs in folds over the abdomen and ai

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that it ought to be washed away by local douching before its mem-

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surfaces of the lips, the edges of the cheeks and tongue, but not in the

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the former stricture, and the patient was afterward fed exclusively

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Common Lodging Houses Acts, whereas the Salvation Army

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useful, and most likely to have adequate consideration, if

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not yet passed the required examination in general educa-

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Clinical Course. — The most common primary manifestation of

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irritation of the nerves inside and outside the canal with resulting

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urine, and is not caused by any derangement in the kidney or urinary

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tion and anemia of the part. This property may be of use in localized

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and then accompany these vessels down to the smallest of them, wMch,

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The new examiner in Clinical Medicine is winning golden opinions for

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tis, 433 — ^Arteriorenal Sclerosis, 434 — Uremia, 435 — Nephrolithiasis (Oxaluria),

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of the vaccinifers and the date of the sppearam e of leprosy

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HusKiE, David, MA., M.B., C.M.Edin.,, appointed Parochial Medical

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plication as best we may. First, by insisting upon perfect regularitj'

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both in the muscular and in the nervous system, characterized in the

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President : G. E. Williamson, F.R.C.S. Vice-Presidents : John

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of, 153, 330, 1B51; reduction of salary of, 387; super-

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so well determined, but recent researches render it probable that it is in

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nerve-roots. It may be said, therefore, that syphilis produces a toxin

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for a niraiber of years leads me to prefer for the dysentery of our

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of detailed work arising in connection therewith to his subordinates.

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