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ligence on the part of mill proprietors and town au-

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it is the nervous system — no one of these explains all the

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The rumen, like the oesophagus, is composed of three coats. The

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mata, furthermore, are better than for any other form

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distinguished for public spirit and exertion for the advance-

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those who led the charges, when the rest would turn

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Temperature. — The milder forms of chorea may run an apyretic

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ot laryngeal obstruction, but these were soon masked

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acter of the disease not well marked ? Are there not

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some dresses. Her zeal led her to take but little rest for three suc-

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entrance of the bullet through the skin, the margin of the fascial

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the usual effect of compression is paralysis, giving rise to

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have promoted vegetation; but several sharp frosts have given it a check, and

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ganglion cell have one relation and a Purkinje cell another and

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Right Hon. Sir R. B. Finlay, M.D., LL.D., Q.C., Middle

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fever by attending to the circixmstances in which the attack occurs, and by

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tion that the essential factor back of this form of

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If deep injury is suspected, dilate the pupil with 1 per cent,

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to be paid to them. Scopo-morphia was used before almost

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causes, we cannot on that account ignore their existence or their

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Dr. Stockham says, the very worst sick headaches can be cured by

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departments in various hospitals and institutions approved by

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Formerly the complaint "Rheumatism" promptly brought forth a prescription for Salicylates —

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solution and resting on a bed of cotton ; bichloride of mercury is

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occasional inconsiderable oozing. In the evening of the

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cases of gastro-intestinal catarrh tanno})ine was ad-

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Deaths reported 2.471 : under five years of age 7'jO ; principal

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