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large, if situated in the middle line of the neck, can usually be

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seen, and no food left the stomach for three hours. Fingering the

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ipecacuanha and tartar emetic. Many use iodide of potassium,

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all tests made during this time showed a decided bactericidal action in

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It is also known that debilitvhas a decided tendency to cause excessive action

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Upon microscopical examination of the organs there were observed around

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than correct breathing, which vitalizes the nerve-centers and causes

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next volume. Subscriptions for 160 copies were received.

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Hansmann, G. H. : Uric acid content of blood compared with renal dietary

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Series 5. — These animals received injections of an antigen prepared as follows.

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In all of the cases presenting Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus

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brows, almost large enough to fill this space, another on

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i. Disinfectants in Relation to the Body. — In relation to the

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and died, apparently of simple exhaustion, on March 22, nearly

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form between the iris and the capsule of the lens. These gradually increase

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losis ?" The milk of cows with pearl disease has been known

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classes in connection with the hospital but have since turned them

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It has been said that a homely, uninteresting face may be excused in

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examined and the kind of food carefully noted. The teeth of

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climate, habits, customs, and political state. Hence

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contact with the vagina and mucous membrane, has the appearance of

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in the neighborhood of the heart, is brusque and sudden, like the ac-

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diet, and which can be cured as certainly by anti-rachitic diet

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affinity, which in one shape produces heat, in another electric-

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