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from the country (of the age of five) presented very imperfect cicatrices :
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not expecting his recovery. The old nurse of the house was no less atten-
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smallpox is still to be dreaded by the unvaccinated. Between
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down without sufficient evidence in their support. 1
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the inquiry consists ; it is his object to draw attention to an element which,
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effort to put forward the exclusive claims of any school whatever, has not
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fully examined at birth, for then reduction is most easy. 4.
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records can not be traced. In the thirteenth century, before
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Aerzte, Wundarzte und Studirende, so wie zum Selbststudium und zur
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of the disease seemed to bear out the statement that typhoid in
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2d. Tertian of three days; half a dram. Two paroxysms more, but
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I think that extremely wise, because they do suppurate fre-
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through a critical notice; and reserving for another place any remarks on
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and his labors in embryology stamp him as a skilled
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Whit,e's case was extensive, and was probably the result of some vice,
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This is a painful avowal, no doubt; but it is the truth. We are reduced,
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methods showed the absence of uric acid. It was considered
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und an irrational dress, its constricting bands, ite heavy skirte,
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taken with the others at the end of the four years' course.
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This is an interesting essay on a subject to which our own attention has
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bring a sufficient bulk of tissue to give opportunity for
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ably multiplied the sum-total of the surgical work done
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iDtravertebral ;«arcoma. Male, 88. Complete anesthesia of trunk
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an inch of nipple and no lung sound below that line. The liver
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♦ "rheumatism," and "malaria," or "the sequels of the
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white muscular fibers running horizontally just below
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Case II. — A delicate-looking boy, set. 17, had always been subject to
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vagrant dog bit one calf, one cow and possibly others.
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cum and six ounces of port wine in the day, with spiced essence of beef as
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64 deaths, or 79 per cent., and of the 22 per cent, of
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ary ; always chronic; rarely painful; announced by elastic swellings (605-
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of treatment on the legislature, but had done all their praying
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sations in her belly, and had severe cramps; these subsided after an hour
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short dry cough, when attacked with any bronchial affection not in itself of
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cutting in the dark — one <»n neither see nor feel what he
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much behind that of most countries in this regard; a
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During the process of treatment this inner metal catheter is
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