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ing behind the curtain and catechising whomsoever he pleases. I am,

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through tin* opened dura mater. If the patient escaped these

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The education content of each issue appears as scientific

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scarcely ever got warm in bed on account of repeated calls to void urine, in fact he

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further increase of concentration does not influence the results ma-

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on one side, and just as we have completed it the perforated

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to favour the formation of adhesions, or to secure their preser-

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Case 1. — Small Tubercutom Deposit; Arrest and Recovery, — Dr. M.

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est part, and then the normal rotation anteriorly takes place. These

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February 16, 1916. She had previously been a patient in the hospital and had

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in a pint of warm water and inject twice a day. In obstinate cases a stronger

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only, but to the broken down and enfeebled as well. As a conse-

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varia, has passed the final medical examination qualify-

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when I learned that she had sufl:ered from regular recurrent

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man technological evolution but that Acheulean methods also re-

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and is willing to devote time, money and mechanical

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these cases is inoculated into a mouse, as in the method about to be

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in the proportion of non-medullated fibers in the lower part of

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tion showed that there was some tenderness in the right iliac fossa.

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was associated with a toxaemia. This being so Dr. Whitfield would suggest, if

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came in wretched general condition wdth a temperature of

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alcohol, a sufficient quantity. Ivub the itiercury and

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to the observations of Osier. In the chronic form the leukocyte count may

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weighed 317 grammes. It was composed of a number of large

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acetanilid itself, with the noticeable advantage, however, of acting more

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