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of the larger arteries, which acts in aid of the heart as a propelling force, is

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descriptions of all that is known up to date, should

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attached imjtortance to the removal of the periphery of the iris.

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revival of its too frequent concomitant, a sudden renewal of the

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paper article which has been -ent me. to bring the matter

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after passing through the synovial cavity, creating an insig-

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dismissal six weeks later. It is unfortunate that further observa-

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Macdoujjjall has obtained temporaiy possession of his fonner

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tracture of the biceps, so that the arm cannot be perfectly straightened

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he was unable to walk across the room without stagger-

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The Stomach. — The stomach is generally outlined by bismuth

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and in different stages and conditions of the affection.

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Ferratin. — Dr. Perekham, of Lakeside Hospital, Chicago, says: "The

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mainly among the prospective patrons. Land was purchased, plans

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(amputations, etc.), by the "open method 11 and drip apparatus in

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which the rabbit was boiled ; when you have salted it and

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In addition to the various symptoms of facial paralysis,

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haemo-lymphatic glands which had been developed out of ordinary

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Acetonitrile, 37.4 mgms.. i. e., 2.2 nignis. per gni. mouse. Sur\ived.

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The introduction, more recently, of still another theory of

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two epidemics by one of the most famous, widely known and suc-

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Inflammatory dysentery is characterised by burning fever, a

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actual mortality among residents of this city, compared

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like other evils ; I have known people who tried to avoid

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