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Fig. 136. ^The same Cow-house shown in Fig. 135, but now remodeUed so

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hospital as a transfer from El-Arish Egyptian stationary hospital. He was

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everything which is done for them. This seems more frequent in patients

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a mixture of stronger solution of ammonia and alcohoL

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evacuntion of that milk which has been secreted; for the one is a

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bladder about two months, judging by the quantity of phosphates by

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notes that nothing can be too strong for him, nor any means too

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a Japanese hand-warmer, a small oblong tin box containing a slowly burning

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In crossing races of mankind widely different from each other,

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and the shaking or hanging of skins in front of houses was forbidden.'^

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Occasionally found in the post-mortem examination of

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most nature. His compliments, his deference, must come from the

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continued conscious cell-action, eventuating in insanity, when,

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The so-called interv'al ojwration with its small mortality is

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its posterior aspect previous to the last operation, greatly

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tumor is developed in the region of the kidney, after it has been

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price — are they not all written in the pages of the

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Perhaps no disease has given the physician more cause f< »r

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From a large number of cases of senile enlargement of the

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and are carried out as follows: 10 cc. of a 0.1 molal solution of mono-

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M. Lepine does not claim that caffein will cure all cases of

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pains in the limbs or other abnormal sensations ; in some cases there is

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dealing with insects and may provoke the nonspecific, puzzl-

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to depurate the blood. The kidneys should, therefore, be stimu-

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vations and may, therefore, merit some consideration.

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as statesman-like and to the point. But I fear that the attempt

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indigestion, constipation and often dyspnoea. This last symp-

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?\~/t While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated

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found nitrate of lead. with glycerine to give far more satisfaction. The

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