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the coming obliteration of all distinctions between Jews

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were colloidal substances, therefore possessing feeble power of

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of splint is especially useful, since traction can be made directly downward

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were considered by Doctors to have Cancer, have been

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8. Cover-glass preparation of the spleen of a rabbit showing the deeply stained

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an eruption of plaques." He further states that he " took great|

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with a twenty-five-per-cent ointment of ichthyol, in the treatment of

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during the spring of 1916. All three individuals of one pair (A,'X,

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These may occur at any point along the nerve from the place

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uterus by shortening the round ligaments, where all

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Urethretis, and all excesses of the mucous tissues.

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in cases of fever, when sub- or an-acidity rules in the

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The ' subscription system ' [proposed at Philadelphia] has undoubt-

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issued by the regimental surgeon at the beginning of the campaign

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or destroyed, it constitutes an offence ; similarly failure to cleanse or

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jejunum, ileum and caecum, they are usually found, but in the colon the

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sion, and eversion, is made of the foot, one hand grasping the heel, the

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of the malady. The miliary epidemic is fully as capricious in its

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the size of the pupil, produces promptly a dilatation of the pupil and


periments were made in exactly the same manner as the author's eye-

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monkeys after extirpation of the frontal lobes. These, however, only

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contracted bands, which, though a somewhat delicate

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be run over and surpassed by those more zealous and active.

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and then to readjusting the disjoined structures in their normal

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congestion and rheumatic headache. Frontal headaches that are worse

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