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made on a large scale in institutes for vaccination

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Stockholm, Bd. Iviii.) — (1) Patient, aet. 32, was the subject of a hydatid

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four accompanied empyema. Five came to necropsy, three not being

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some time. Boudet used the instrument in accordance with the

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ment by cold applications to the surface as might be best

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cent, of phenol, but the impure acid sold for disinfecting

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lot it is to survive destined to carry with them evidences of the havoc

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gardless of their financial standing, and none should be debarred.

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strations to the class, after which each member in turn is exercised in the various

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longed intervals of immunity from any further manifesta-

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cases, No. 163. This cow was killed when the temperature was

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Gluck, Robert W. Clinical Instructor in Surgery (Courtesy).

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It is probable that th.e transmission of pneumococci from mother to foetus

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pation has been performed, the healing of the wound is attended

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8. Riz A: The preterm infant, in Dickason E, Schull M (eds):

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Fibrosis was not infrequent. The bronchial walls were often

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position to kill animals at night, or very early in the morning, or on

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were more than twenty deaths as the result, while a hundred were made sufferers. Except-

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TABLE thotoing the nambrr eotulanllu tick, the averasf 'icicnas tkrougkout the yior,

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Case of Sclerodermia. By Dudley Corbett, M.D. ... ... ... ... 269

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or to the injurious effects of any of the above-mentioned causes

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a to tbcm it must depend whether tbey should rightly be

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other book on this subject written by a Swede, he will find

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or need repairs in other ways, and yet a little oil on

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(1 to 7), chloroform, rectified spirits, oil of eucalyptus, collodion

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which, by alteration of the position of the limb, such relaxation is effected ;

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pharmaceutic information not readily available to physicians. The

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