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hyde, however, seemed to us to make furth<>r tests

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loan of his extensive and costly apparatus, and it is, at this time, on its

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J. Y., age 31 ; wounded October 10, 1916; operated on fifty-one hours later in

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the end of a month it was neither more nor less obvious than

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literature in the shape of pamphlets, views of sanatoria,

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from secretion. Tlie mucosa of the trachea was cocain-

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18 months of this marriage she had had two ectopic gestations. In reply

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practice to apply turpentine stupes over the abdomen when-

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grees of retroflexion. The dlstanoe a to b, on the straight Unes, indicates the amount of elooga.

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haiis on the posterior abdominal lobes of the male disposed in a

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wall, and then rolls over heavily with a bullet through his brain.

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open. He will also slobber in the water, finally goes down, becomes

doctor's antagonistic nerves, but then I had no recollectio.i of sympa-

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at the 16th, 20th, and 24th hours. This is particularly

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10 per cent, solution. The treatment was continued in this way,

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men and the baggage of their companies respectively ; and until their

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the f-urface, of the tumour, its growth from within is nearly certain. And so it

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the Royal Victoria Hospital for Consumption ; Physician to Chalmers's

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a magnet and washing them thoroughly with cold water.

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sanitary or medical treatment, unless promptly attended

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operations upon the abdominal organs. There are seldom

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All applicants must furnish letters of recommendation from the dean and faculty of the medical

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Electrical treatment has frequently been applied, but I cannot say

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which they belong, they are told off for hospital duty during

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in cises of diibates characterized by the excretion

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While Nos. i and 2 are tying and placing the cargo, No. 3 takes the lash

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