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A general anesthesia is best for thoroughness, though the work may
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tubercles are relatively rare on the scalp and trunk, but are most frecjuent
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more years. It is worth emphasizing that survival in our series
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fatal case of rheumatism. Paine and the writer in 1900 published an inde-
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him from one of the most inconvenient offices, charging and collecting
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tremities, to prevent occupying too large a space, but to form a smooth
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turpentine with the food of fowls; from five to ten
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apparently the duties of the Officer were chiefly permissive, and in 1912,
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we use the term advisedly — epileptic has been so
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others failed to respond, but that many other animals, as will be
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and, as our experience has shown, a painstaking bacteriological examination
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mucous membrane of the bladder, as well as a vessie d colonnes.
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perineum. Through the opening thus made he passed an elastic catheter, and
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— Hindu connection with Tibet and China, and their systems
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common is the successful treatment of hip-joint involvement. The more
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been a favorite one for isolating the organism. Milk is coagulated in about 48
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which this occurs. There are currently many “tradi-
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by the absorption of twelve minims of chloroform ; the
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credit in making up the four-year curriculum which must precede graduation.
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