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The volume is illustrated with several chromo-lithographic plates,
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abdominal cavity, where, being innocuous, it is absorbed
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that it is relatively rare amongst girls, and that it is gener-
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the parent tree of which surgery is only a branch." Again :
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mater mounted in these different fluids present a striking contrast; those in
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Catochus — Corporis rigiditas, cum infenfibilitate^
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given to the bark from the younger branches. In limited demand only.
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were seated around a table, when George Starr, who was going
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New taady in eanrenient Pocket Fmn, Itaio., 980 Fagm end 18T Wood-
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provide a suitable program for the opening of the theater. Lieutenant
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tensively ; the respiratory quotient was usually low-
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for taxis, the use of a warm bath for the relaxation
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the large vessels and capillaries. He thinks there is no question of an
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1. The test was negative in 25 per cent, of cases with a history of
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women’s department of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, at
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a 0*6 per cent solution of sodium chloride (v. Noorden). Intravenous injection
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process pour some water over it and baste it with the
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that the sudden closure of the leaf in Yenus's fly-trap was accompanied by
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a patent lor any surgical instrument, or medicine ; or todispense a secret nostrum,
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agents which strike mighty blows at the manifestations of
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Clinic-Mental Diseases — Classification and Demonstration. Dr. Pollock
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tion and Publicity. Otherwise, only haphazard public health edu-
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M. Gamberini. in Schmidt's Jahrbreck for 1858, reports 116 cases
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Nedergaard, J.D. Root, M R. Rosenfeld, M. Rubin, M-
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