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an ordinary cut. Tepid water poured over it from a height of ten or

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photopsia, eye disorder in which one believes that he

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Section 1. This Constitution shall go into effect at the annual meeting

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Marey. The haunting dread of septicemia is put to flight in this

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are almost coincident with the onset of the disease.

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320,000 leucocytes and 36% hemoglobin. The differential count

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the disease. In small-jjox, however, careful examination "v\all show that

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their earthly labors and their connection with the busy world, yet

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passing tbrough tbe lungs oxygen is absorbed to tbe extent

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bottle should be filled directly from the bucket constantly in use for

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ber, 1876. Found her in great agony; knees and chin touching;

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If this country has been behindhand in studying the

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hand to a fast-going belt and the other to the open burner. This matter

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While it cannot be denied that the unconsumed sugar circulat-

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change, he accepted the next year the invitation of Sir

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Claude B. Ker, Lecturer on Infectious Diseases in the

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stream returning to its source (a circulation in the true sense of

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permanent cure. After this he made frequent use of remedies

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Jonathan Hutchinson at the London Pathological Society/ the limited

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It was stated that '^ death resulted from ossification of the heart,

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because it appeals to many people as an easy means of making money.

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ond annual meeting, in November, 1884, and presided at the session of

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sudden, despairing grief, is felt in this region even more readily than

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From the causes above mentioned, we often find the spleen enor-

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is evident that all destructive agents should be avoided. Owing to the

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intense tint which they have assumed, denoting that the micro-chemical

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of Fabricius de Hildanus and Morgagni will be found notes of two

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cause has been removed the diarrhea usually ceases.

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found many foci of osteomyelitis which were developed

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