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of gastrointestinal disturbances, it is impossible to have food absorbed

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lively discussion by Drs. Ellis, Williams, Kelly, Patton, Berns,

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are sought after by preference, and some even go so far as to refuse the

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this branch is where it is, and under its present man-

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I. Surgical Out-patient Department — Elementary Demonstra-

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cultures were made on the open prairie with the wind blowing

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It includes a large number of elements such as potash, soda^

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powers of mental concentration, to give facility in attacking

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lymph on the under surface of the pons and medulla, and a very little on the

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ease. The writings of Doctors Bouillaud, Lobstein, Abererombie,

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Dr. Snow's experiments, by M. Bert, and to those of the Chloroform

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is a wound it can be easily dressed without disturb-

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radiotherapy broadens our conception of the possibilities of the

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A remarkable side issue has been noted in 3 cases, namely the appear-

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HeUanthns NuttaUii, T. & G. Fl. N. A. ii, 324 (1 842).

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And yet, with it, he who understands its virtues shall bring about far

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a piece of plaster of the designated size is then moistened with a

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Prussian War. In August, 1870, he joined the National

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may be excluded by a cotton filter, and it has, long ago, been

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our nerves, and our nerves store up the consequences.

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Ehrlich p. Experimentelle Karzinomstudien an Mausen: Zeitschr

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out of a cow; that sorcerers could sell winds to sailors

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the food, not employed for nutrition, ai-e carried ofij

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circuitous route which the faeces are compelled to pursue before

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facts indicate not obscurely th.e conclusion that the blood itself

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point operated on or there iieing no tumor at all. and

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bodily depression, leading to collapse. It was introduced as a curative

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in view when arranging a stable. No one can build a

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close to the deep femoral vein as possible so that a

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affected nerves and the lymphatic glands get enlarged. Some

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common or purely artificial conditions. Radium ema-

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gation of the organ where the irritation of the lingual

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As a general rule what favors the action of the bowels,

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the discharge of the clots and the healing of the vesical catarrh which they occa-

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thus. Ectropion may result from contraction of the cicatrices of the lids,

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rence and Holyoke 1 each. From cerebro-spinal meningitis New

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this statement presupposed a careful and judicious method of adminis-

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laughed at her own folly. In this case a confirmation of her

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cause of hunger, or the want of health is the cause of

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