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ther and further backwards in our endeavour to comprehend what is
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molecular, physiological and anatomical techniques to these questions.
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recurrent, after their cause has ceased, as a malady, indistinguishable from
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JA, Malawista SE: Chronic Lyme arthritis: Clinical and im
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part of the neck, and another between the two hind posts
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osteology. Mr. Thane has adopted Flower's nietho<I of
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inflammations of other nerves. It is only thus that many
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fectly smooth and polished, so that it meets with the least pos-
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leges take an apparent delight in turning out men unequipped in
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be given in small doses frequently repeated. To this lemon-
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at any time necessary ; the only stipulation being that
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t A. S. Head, Lieut., A.V.D., ' The Wear and Tear of Horses
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Infants should have air. Some nurses are famous for enveloping babes in
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Defcription and Method of 'Treatment of the Slow or
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ous operative measure, or, eventually, in case of fatal
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ishing all animal faculties and to the commencement of
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great majority of the cases occur between the ages of 6 months
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in a recent account given in the American Medical Gazette, of the
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highly colored, with high specific gravity, sometimes con-
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a doubtful syphilitic history in this case, yet no secondary manifestatioQ
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greatest triumphs of medicine to-day, that links itself along-
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hemorrhoidal plexus of veins, some branches of which
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In considering the localization of brain tumors. Dr. Mills re-
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to groin. Its surface presented a remarkably white colour. On opening
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estimate the claims of the enthusiast who sees in every new remedy
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nary purposes of lard, and the food prepared with it Avas exceedingly
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of the specific antisera against the infecting type strain. No

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