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On the Relation of the Nervous System to Disease and
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New Jersey; its goals are educational and informational. It is
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implies what is popularly, though vaguely, conceived under
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be freely illustrated. Eighty-tvra engravings are used in the above
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Of the RestrictiGU laid upon Men in the Use of car-
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majority of them do not do so; and, moreover, that cells incapable of
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boiling can be done under strong pressure, so as to
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order they are correlated; and we must now give some attention to the
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adviser urged her to submit to operation, but she still refused. On
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Oarez Baynoldsii, Dew. Am. Journ. Sci. xxxii, 39 (1837).
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to higher stations, with the Generals and other military
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obstruction in the right lung. The respiratory movement
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the third to St. Paul; the top joint of the second finger to
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tions are healthy. He has been married four years. The patient
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The operation is easy and without much danger if one but knows
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Rumination — Bloat — Distension of the Rumen with Food — Gastrointesti-
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THE POTTENGER SANATORIUM [u r ng d s ise a a n s d es ?5„31t
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these distressing situations, however, or may still want to
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but tympany develops, which soon obscures the palpatory
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noted here. We believe that the air escaping through the eroded bron-
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for the survival of the latter and their successful invasion of
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those who are neurasthenic, may complain of nausea, but the
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assure readers that he doesn’t create such phrases to intention-
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powers displayed by the trichina as against decomposition, high and low

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