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so favourably. There is a considerable repetition in some

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ditions earlier, thoracotomy was performed in the majority of cases.

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tality is represented by 57.2 per cent. Billroth reports

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puncture the patient should not breathe and it is well to have an assistant

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account of its insolubility, to be recently mixed. He

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<;. 13. — Mucosa of maxillary antrum from case of

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blurred vision or other eye symptoms, skin rash, weight gain, or edema.

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ficient, whether it be in endurance, body, limb or temper.

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agrees with him ; and this practice supported by the two

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meshes of wicking which followed the other drainage out of the depen-

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Mills and Keen. American Journal of Medical Sciences, December, 1891

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the functions of every part of the body may be affected. The nerve-


more or less accidental, will often affect the results. Different

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Third. That it is due first to the tardy secretion of

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physiological conditions, according to the testimony of reliable

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journal is not expected to be particularly fresh. — Ed.]

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and so on — as soon as the appetite returns ; and a few days later the

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smaller and better conducted institution, as it had been planned from

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with wreat violence; and it continued to recur there, so long as the

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the protruding, non pulsating brain with its engorged

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it is proper that we should meet the problem now, and so decide it that wo

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blowing systolic murmur at apex ; pulse small, irregular, and

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superior spine and pubic tubercle, despite its weak at-

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