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that which is consistent with highest laws and natural

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IVby do small birds sing more and louder than great ones^ as^

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and due to asphj'xia, caused by an enlarged thymus pressing on the

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tion of patients may be appreciated from his treat-

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sequently, a carpenter and a painter, who had been employed

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concerned in respiration and circulation, but to read this work is perfect

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very large mesentery. The appendix was removed, and the patient

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most convenient kind of gas mask, the best exhaust system or the most

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one week before while doing physical training. On examination no

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largest sore seen by the writer measured 9x6 inches.

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disorders. He deserted his } T oung wife, being convinced he was

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resistance come into play. The fall in blood pressure following these acts

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partly to their being of inferior ability to the investigators of nature, and partly to

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myotomes. In the non-motile embryos, according to my judg-

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ing wrong was discovered on post-mortem examination. The

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below the nodose gangUon, and runs as a separate trunk to the

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tooth extracted, the operation being difficult, and accompanied

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dispensary ; 9.70 at residences. At the meeting, ad-

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the ring from underneath (from inside to outside), then up and through the

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membranous parts ; that fever had usually occurred in

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Is the belief in these propositions well founded? Do the

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to be placed on the appearance of buff upon the blood. It is always afallacious

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dense fibrinous deposit. The infarction is of a wedge shape

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Infectious Chemical Agents. Benjamin Moore believes that certain

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Barrino'ton, Esq., an E no-fish surgeon at Panama. The statement ac-

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tive life, to lit himself thoroughly for the performance of his duties, are of two

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tion of surface produced by this arrangement, that the whole extent

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of the convex surface of the commencement of the jejunum

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esthesia is seen are not symmetrical, but are found irregu-

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