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gentian, twice daily, to keep the blood in its normal state,
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characterised by a series of epileptiform convulsions ; these were succeeded
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radiologic techniques have dramatically improved the prog-
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of Jailing asleep after a fatiguing day, and she would say to
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causes of hysteria, and brings the patient face to face with her
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mounting Acari, for it is difficult to see delicately chitinized plates,
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He remarked that in the books fibrous tumors are spoken of as of three
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have a surgeon until it was plain to the layman, even,
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Hon. Drs. D. Campbell, of Port Hood, N.B., and Dumouchel, of
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tThe amount of coagulated egg albumin digested is ascertained by measuring the length digested
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observe that unless this plan is carried out Rotary would have upon its
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in these countries, where, it is said, they are highly thought of for
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stopped before the trachea is opened. The directions given by some authori-
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There is nothing more efficacious than this when it is energetically
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results in acute fevers of the sthenic type and may
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as required by law, and was consequently not incom-
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cannot explain these symptoms nor some of the lesions without assuming
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When the opsonic index is low it will rise in response to the stimulus of
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should be lowered and the cut made from left to right. Extension
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by little the hiccough diminished and finally disappeared. —
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be found small, drab-eolored masses, composed of al-
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neque omnino medicus est." Although Galen has collected the dif-
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May 14-15— Pearls of Ocular Therapy. Scripps Clinic and Research Foun-
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Doctors are not exempt, though I believe it is accepted as a trueism, that it
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the affairs of the race by the more intelligent and competent of general prac-
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1873, Dr. Druitt relates some experiments he witnessed made by Dr. John

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