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former word means ' ' things of honey ' ' — the latter means


ized, and recruit a special clientele among the students :

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ing) I found her bright, and lively, and clamorous for

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between the two averages is 0.047 C. It will be seen that these probable errors

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treatment of the pyelitis unless this condition be overcome.

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and whos^ axones enter the fasciculus longitudinalis medialis

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Josephine A. Tang, B.S. 1992, University of California/Ber-

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grain solution of atropine, I concluded to test the

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quarter by paying the tuition fee for the quarter and filing a registration card.

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square feet of floor space or 4 linear feet of wall space per man

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distinguished for public spirit and exertion for the advance-

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a curve concave on the lower side similar to that found for many

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interesting address on the subject of Beri-Beri; his description of the

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filled with the maggots. Should they continue to increase

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phrenic pleura and the diaphraffin were then carefully inoised,

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palpebral fissure has been ascribed to the contraction and

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by the systolic depression in the apical tracing or by the radial

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general or university audience (which is in truth their proper character), they

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cold water, and repeated several times in the day. Bettei

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