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or serious, prunarily attributable to the infection which
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hsBmorrhages of the brain, and subsequently from the corpora lutea
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Without these, the appetite flags, the functions of digestion and nutrition
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ness and heat of skin, the tongue becoming quite dry, and the pulse now
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general physical examination at least once a year, includ-
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its scientific sense like other natural forces, is appreciable only
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tion. We before remarked that we selected our tonics from among chaly-
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the epiphysial cartilage, which is really much nearer to the lower
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from his vocation or business. Golf, tennis, fishing,
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have disappeared, the typhoid state soon follows. Delirium and
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In England the same object is attained partly through the
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staphylomatoius eye. The morbid process was arrested by removal
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In the night, she was seized with colic and vomiting.
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A very copious general index to the five volumes is also presented here: upon
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Revue Medicale Fransaise et Etrangere, March, April, May, and June, 1841.
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down she was some time before she could steady herself. At times partial con-
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ophthalmia, and that they differ only in the extent to which
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recently developed, tend to prove her guiltless of the robbery. But can any one doubt,
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in hardness. In a word, this paste it appears to me ought to at once replace all
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vaginam, and seldom rises above the pelvic brim ; in the latter,
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Cases Illustrative of the Insanity of Pregnancy. Dr. Johk B.
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this disease a new morbid product was deposited in the liver, which he termed
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of the heart in these cases is often complicated with other affections, as em-
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as before, the disease being reduced to one-tenth of its extent, but it
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the increase of temperature, and fearing lest the plan aaopted to
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became aggravated soon after reaching home, the diarrhoea increas-
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quently, after poring over the dead tissue, and noting the ulti-
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tities of any poison, he very properly recommends low powers as
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ulceration or softening, or there is a disproportion in the thickness of its muscu-
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physicians with its symptoms that they began to diagnose
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few drops of this being placed in a small amount of water
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influenza was yery prevalent, a large per-centage of the population
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beneath the pectoral muscle> and it resisted all the ordinary
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the treatment can be carried out with complete success only in a
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accordingly, with the assistance of Drs. Holthoff'and Hildebrandt, the operation
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acting upon some part^ more especially the mucous membrane, of
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from these vesicles was applied by puncture to the arms of several children,
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cautery, and the like can never help hysteria. It is cer-
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A few hours affcer the action of the emetic, there is generally
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painful breathing, and tenderness over the pleural inflam-
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santonine, codeine and santonine, and morphine and picrotoxine. The
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is necessary, if possible, to eliminate the element of un-
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and Throat. — ^Now why do so many of us have these
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and a tincture of the sesquichloride of iron. When these ingredients are
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hydrogen was accomplished on the average within twelve days, but
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and was rather robust till about eight months ago, when the menses began to
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