Shaklee Malaysia Online System

much deformity of the wounded thigh, axial deviation of the ex-
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Henry Duncan Littlejohn. I Stevenson Macadam, Ph.D.
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and this effort to assume the globular form it is. which Schatz calls, ' formres-
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perceived, how unusual it is to find a chlorotic patient who does
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Its meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month,
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"Thus," says M. Series, " does man owe to the complication of
partly to their being of inferior ability to the investigators of nature, and partly to
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GRACE RAYMOND HEBARD, Ph. D., Secretary, Cheyenne 1901
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largely, especially in the night, and the discharge
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number of pieces laundered by the matron, and put to hire, respec-
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was demanded, and in response to the demand a new vice was
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is sound observation and sound experimentation and to the neglect of this
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restoration, and a public register of cases was kept at
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of the organs in the great cavities of the body and
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ciation, Aug. 30, 1902) says that the size of a splinter of iron or
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favorable conditions, for some of the most virulent
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an important factor in the .production of neuralgia,
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I harl attended no patient with puerperal fever but had waited upon eight
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tions which turned out to be practically a dead letter. The
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in Cliicu^o iiro innbriatc^H, and tliu police reporlH of
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the way of such fallacious theories and popular vagaries as
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convalescence, and both left hospital Avell, three weeks after operation.
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expulsion of air through the trachea. The same move-
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cramps and muscular agitation seem to dart all over the body.
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last half century, have enjoyed a like immunity from this fearful
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egg white mixture and was accordingly killed. The kidneys weighed
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proper pads and bandages, and that the patient keep to her
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The condition usually goes under the name of simple goiter, which in-
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{d) Osteo-sclerosis of the bone without pus, either subperiosteal
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a committee of five persons be appointed to co-ope-
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Theoretically, however — that is physiologically — the two stages are distinct.
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in the lungs and mesentery was made to flow more freely : when the irritant

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