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of the serum. This should be thoroughly done, but it is

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been thorough, and I knew it would serve me well. I had com-

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deceased before it was inhumed. Of this number, eight were attacked with

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loss of will power or sudden change of character and con-

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"■•"-'-' -"■ ""-udd, ua,n. i„ bed and ,., admln-ter. if pLu le

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cases. But, as he points out, it is important, before drawing any con-

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like it. The poverty of vital force in these wretched beings is

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much time was given to formal oral analysis, and too little

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with blood of dogs actively immunized, the antibodies rapidly reach

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lectures, no more chalk talks, no more conversations

silagra serios

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facile pen of Prof. J. H. P. Frost, that truly reflect credit on

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This theory opens a wide field, in which gonorrheal and

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of Professor Gailleton, Mayor of Lyons, and Drs. Kelsch,

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powers to successfully renew the parts being removed, the

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(D.) Septitiipya'iiiia chronica ex eryaipelate biiUoso.

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final hydrogen ion concentration in dift'erentiation of Strepto-

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gery ; Robert Peter, M. D., Professor of Medical Chemistry and Toxicology ;

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constitutional origin in the case where the chief tumour

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a short time the pain subsided, followed by a diminution of the tenes-

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prevent complications. With blisters may be combined the excel-

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ception of tubercle which I have unfolded in the last paragraph is one which

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all of surgery, in that olden time. They used opium very welL

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thus confirming the statements I have already made (p. 130, Yol. II.)

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smoked. It is occasionally so intense as to demand immediate relief

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