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whole-souled gentleman, whose best thoughts and much of whose

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methods of treatment. When he treated this disease by the use of copaiba,

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with professional anxieties and cares, the doctor dearly loved the

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be estimated by the quantity required to precipitate the casein in 10 c.c, of

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is generally taught, on the mere partial tilting of the astragalus

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lecting the condensed vapours of expired air and then inoculating

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their homes ; they live longer in small asylums than in larger ones, and

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It is doubtful if any single number of a medical periodical

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were ordered discontinued, and she was given merely

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and soothing for nervous cases. It is excellent for

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blocking the lymphatic trunks, for a collateral circulation

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from want of food, even from mental and bodily depression, and, if it be

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sunken to ability to count fingers and well-marked right-

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machine cost four times as much as a pair of horses to maintain.

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and, as our experience has shown, a painstaking bacteriological examination

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Therefore in < rj organization formed for the interests of our fellow-men,

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license for cancellation as a condition to the suspension of

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necessary to leave them on longer than three or four hours.

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but in all cases, in which nausea, vomiting, or relaxation is required. We

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since its office is so important. It is situated in front of the

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cumstance may be explained on the same ground as the fact, that in cold

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multiple small growths that develop in the skin after a lengthened course

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or the puncture of a sub-cutaneous operation, seals them hermetically.

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sometimes made more intense by infection from the surgeon's instru-

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of these, it will be seen, belong equally to both affections; and can be of but

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sometimes known the simple digital and specular examination

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pus was found, and though I searched in all directions with a pair

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excepl an assumed one. It has been conceded by the courts of the

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how, the parasites disappear and reappear in animals which re-

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