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of a thick muco-purulent discharge from the urethra when he
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Intra-rectal fistula communicating with hip-joint (Fig. 4) 165
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gain to a considerable degree the lost control over
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healthy action of the brain and nervous centres, and
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only in very acute cases, where there is a very urgent indication
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those parts of the gums which are in immediate contact with the necks of the
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But some reservations which a knowledge of the world exacts,
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Carlton, C. G., hospital steward. To proceed to Chicago,
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unerring path of careful and accurate investigation. There is a constant
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sumed to exist between a free acid in the blood and the fibrine of the blood. As the
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Of this amount about 400 calories were obtained from extras not served at
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entitled to the Doctor's degree. It is thought that the welfare of the
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absolutely fatal. Prognosis, however, depends on complica-
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standing, in all parts of the country, relating their experience with the Acid Phos-
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It is very important to have collars to fit nicely and
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been erroneously taught by some eminent stethoscopists, by excluding
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to give the reaction, and in such a case too often the
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you will not be treated by a regular with a diploma
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Apart from the question of religion and custom, one may say, generally,
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standard ; yet it is an important and characteristic feature.
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portion of the text dealing with the anatomy of the |x^lvis
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