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Potassii Chloras (Potassium Chlorate). Colorless plates or a
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and upper classes, and it is our proposal to discuss the reasons
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these tumors were covered by the pleura ; some, however
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evaporation. Indolent ulcers are only exceptionally heard of; dysenteryi s less formida-
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night sudden swelling of the joints of the right hand and ankle occurred
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shaping the hoof, alter the shoe is confined. When it
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cation was in nearly or quite its normal state. In no specimen
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plaint— a deep-seated pom in the left groiB. Sixteen leeches
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of Carabb is, but when he makes his daily call he will
crossed anesthesia. He next mentioned some very rare cases in
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the onset of occluding lesions, aiiid especially when the cortex was
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rancement in our knowledge of diagnosis and pathology. This con-
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one or a succession of persons, who are most perfectly certain
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incision, and the tissues thoroughly divided a^jut the
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have been thus supplied, but we cannot help regretting that the editor has not
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at all times my endeavor to inculcate, for the benefit of
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people are in deadly earnest in their fanaticism, the Canadian
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Aniens altissimus filipendnlus, Gray, Proc Am. Acad, xix, 56.
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mann and Merklein have done the same. (See Ltkmann's
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by Thate, 1 who reduced the nitro acid with iron filings and acetic
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Case V.— Mr. B., aged 20 years, a student Profuse crop of
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ble of passing through the animal tissues by exosmosis, it will be dis-
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the use of the laryngoscope will not only enable the body to be
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The Commencement Exercises in the College Chapel, Thursday evening,
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as conferring immunity in the horse and other animals
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at first sight enterica. Eectal bilharzia {B. mansoni) then, which is occurring
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rounding loose tissue, denoting the recent occurrence of the lesions.
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stage of fever with this patient as I had in the captain's
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The hospital authorities of London have at last de-
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particularly relating to the exchange of milk bottles
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represents: Tonga, 30 grains; Extractum Cimicifugrse Racemosse, 2 grains; Sodium
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Students who have atteaded two nUl courses in other regular Medical
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made, the cavity of the peritoneum would probably receive the pus,
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in Buch CttseH ojiorateH prelVrahly witii (;o(;jiin<!. 11(5
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is an attempt at the four cavities, arrest of develop-
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adjacent organs, especially the heart ; this never occurs in pneu-

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