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was diseased, while of the remaining five there was associated
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tion, with such manipulatory details as will enable students to pur-
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mouth of the host, to be swallowed and so to start a fresh generation
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than the physical signs. The diagnostician should seize every
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the outcome of an earnest and thoughtful consideration of the
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examination may either offer nothing but the husks of a
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cles I have mentioned may be called dry, in opposi-
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at the operation, and to Dr. Keenan, and to the Eesident Hospital StafE
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will afford any promise of success in the treatment of this
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As the disease advances signs of anaemia set in — such as pallor of
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dition was normal, and there was no history of nervous disorder in any
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ery happens usually after a week. The effect of the serum upon the fever
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arguments or considerations of greater strength than these. One and
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and this i> especially true in children, where physical
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began the supporting system at once, in the commencement
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"The first three were smart and intelligent, and became
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and this certainly seems to be true. Thus, to take only one
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non-motile stage, as determined by tactile stimulation, gave no
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mycotic affections of the portal vein. He attributes great im-
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operated upon, or if the suppurative process can be removed. I believe
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with peripheral nuclei, exactly like those of tubercle, are not in-
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further is required to be done. The object is to set
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fever ; also as an external application to the eyes.
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superseding the old style of administering medicines, because it is
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was followed by tetanus, associated with left-sided facial paralysis
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acate catarrhal inflammation of tlie middle ear into
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mann method, such as that of Noguchi, are devised chiefly to eliminate
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ferent parts of the circulation are not equally sensitive to epinephrine;
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weeks with a sound leg. He is now doing his regular work
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the way the horse is to be thrown, this hobble is to be fixed on the
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who is suffering from bodily pain, will most probably suffer
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sense of weight in the perina^um, and often painful erections of the
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in an untried case, with a three hour inter^^al between the doses. He
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•597(42) Houghton, W. British fresh water fishes.
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pivotted so that it can he raised and alloweii U) fail hy it«

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