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pushed back by the sterihzed glass tube which was introduced for the

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be careful how you cut ; for you have really laid hold of a subject that

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chains, Bruni enunciates an interesting rule, viz. : —

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by hospital gangrene in its most concentrated and active form

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Under a recent date line, a responsible writer in the Washington

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exudes from the nucleus, e. g., in the pancreas cell and in other cells,

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New York surgery against such shiolow reasoning pott hoc

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locks by the daughter of Phlegyas, healer Asklepios,

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knots in their dark cabinet, but the knots must be at

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II. 2 p. 1., pp. 143-588. 8°. Holmiae. [W s .] [See Linnaeus, 1767 c. ]

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attended by unconsciousness, and is seldom without warning,; not un-

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Tellico Iron Works, in Monroe county. I have not per-

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would include in concise form and in one volume all the various

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history of his first wife, were so strongly suggestive

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which so often follows infantile hemiplegia. As the rec-

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quent occurrence. The condition here described is admirably

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Dr. Chase said that when he had no faith in his ability to aid,

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thrust out between the first and second fingers called the

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and good health ; but I consider it my prerogative to attack those

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section the myelin runs out of the sheath of Schwann.

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logist dissected the body of a woman, who, during the latter months

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tion may be used by means of a mop, and by an atomiser if

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rows, and imtil it has reached the enormous dimensions in Cer-

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main vitalizing agent, the nerve centres, with vigor, by

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The visitation of the wrath of God and man should be on him who dares

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