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subdivide, into several groups these conditions involving an unknown
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motions quick and steady, his voice clear and firm, his memory
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tial work-up of patients, participate in rounds and
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Individual physicians faced with seemingly intractable problems can embrace
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after it. I quote the only cases my note-books afford :
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former preparations of the Oil that they bear no comparison
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to light ; his face was rather pale ; respirations were slow and
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with fever, pointed directly to turpentine as the indicated
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Professor Allman. — Eeport on the Reproductive Organs of the Hydroid
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long been regarded as one of the best text-books I jjr. Wilson's volume is an excellent digest of
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cases are numerous in which an attempt has been made to introduce
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tenderness on pressure, vomiting, quick pulse, furred tongue,
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finger. He has several times had recourse to digital compression of the femoral, brachial or
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remedy in the secondary stage when the patient is broken down
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Especially is this the case when paraplegia be present, or paralysis
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or cell with fluid contents, and that, so long as this sacculated con-
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years and a half, and many others of a similar character, but I will not, al-

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