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minutes of milking and should be kept at that temperature

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pork is better and freer from trichinae than the European

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abort, and he therefore urges operation. He recommends the abdominal

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Here is the formula : R Tinct. of iodine ; glvcerine, pure, Sa 3j ; sulphite of

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In a forty-fourth case (1896 ; age at onset 1 year 4 months ; ill thirteen

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formed by a whole class under the lead of the captain The


operating rooms, yet it has proved its right to an honored place

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The importance of the Art of Cookery is very great ; in-

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so that the hearts might have recovered as far as pos-

what causes childhood apraxia of speech and is it preventable

fully vaccinated millionaire, who wanted to have experi-

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most marked — 26-48 per cent. ; but some cases of anaemia improved

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(tumour invading the left hemisphere and superior crus cerebelli) there

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the bacillus tuberculosis. The treatment, therefore, is either general,

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and to the other two screws are attached, one each side; the shaft of the screw

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cases a simple needle and thread will suffice. It is of the

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brey Green, M. D., 1 Columbus Square, Boston, Mass. ; Secre-

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approached nearer, I found to be, " Home for the Sick."

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The lung is now, both externally and internally, of a dark

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two changes to go on to a large extent concurrently, he presents u« With

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Williams (Am. Journ. Ohsf., IS". Y., October 1898, p. 449), after review-

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R. S. Matthews, M. Stephens, B. L. Allen, J. Dobson, J. Glasson, T. A. Hetherington, N. Oldham, J. Porter, D. C. Mullen,

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b., 85. Small, thin, pale girl. When between seven and

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that able practitioner should be called in, a proposal to which we

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tic fits have set in, I know of no remedy so efficacious as chloroform

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for the Use of Practitioners of Medicine and of Students of

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knowing how to listen and understand. He discovered ausculta-

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ought to take great care that their imagination be pure and

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He further re-inoculated ten cattle that had been al-

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Distention of the ccBcum and ascending colon, through faeces

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Maryland Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Program, a multi-disciplinary practice with

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