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in 1877, one °f i* s leading features was the revision of the con-

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every variety or severity seen in this disease, from the

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The process of emulsification is said to go on with

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made after hardeuing, of the gastric and intestinal

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' Vide The Bdoved Physician of Tsang Ohou, edited by Rev.

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sponded exactly to what was found in the cavity of the first case

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Other methods of treatment, such as injections of various

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as an internal remedy in syj^hilis and some other dis-

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parts are plump and rounded. The bones of the face have neither the

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fluctuations are not milder with this than with the ordinary type. The proper

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My experience in these cases, with the Helonia Tablets, has been so highly gratify-

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It was formerly supposed that the receptive rods and cones mechanically

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of veins returning blood to the heart in the same ratio in which it

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I have occasion to prescribe a Bromide, your Elixir Six Bromides

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occurred in association with Serratia marcescens septicemia.

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tion, not only of the impotence, but of the positive harm-

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in a comparatively small space, and in an accessible and readable form, an immense

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be allowed the expression,) and would say to all who use

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626.) The instrument is, however, used at the risk of producing abor-

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soluble in acetone, and melts at 94-96°. Analyses indicates that tri-

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induction that the individual members of a species are to a remark-

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at all when as much as 69 grms. of sanatogen was taken daily, in

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end of our period, it became difficult to obtain. Its one great advantage

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ful^ with me; but shall persevere in all honorable and

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These practices however do not seem to have been copied by

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it during the sphygmic period would be far more efficient in bringing

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excesses have been constrained privately by those willing t

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unremitting care and unruffled calmness was the greatest comfort and assistance. He set a

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markable, because cocain is much more generally used than any of

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in the palm of the hand : by this, I mean a transverse

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