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University Hospital. B.S. 1972, Massachusetts Institute

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the hygienic regulations above detailed modified accordingly.

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left margin of the os uteri, inserting his fingers l)etween thtf

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I may cite the different reactions given by three batches of seedlings

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these same old fogies, and had then been condemned to suffer a quaran-

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Zinc paint. These two ores are of sufficient importance

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of the remaining returns. So that 192 observers report

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typhoid fever, is of considerable value in making a negative

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of fibrinous tissue, was found on the anterior wall of the stomach, about

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It hafl been shown, in the article on Chalybcates, that the

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invited me, so late a comer into the field of Preventive Medicine, to say

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The laboratory is where we have our real practical work which prepares us

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attractive title, " On the Physiolc^y of the Metamorphoses of Animal Tissues," we have

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Pepper rather favor the use of Belladonna, and supply a case

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was hot and dry, the horns were very much hotter than I

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lock, and a hitch drawn over the fetlock and pulled tight. This

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rhagica or Black Pox, in which the blood settles in patches under the

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Narcotics have also a peculiar and mysterious action od the

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To determine the nature and quantity of the earthy constituents,

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chapter ; for instance, it might be said that it was too wide in its scope,

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to the necessity of crowding the men during the winter season in bar-

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When the opsonic index is low it will rise in response to the stimulus of

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incision in the median line was made about six inches in length,

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activity ; when natural waters are stored in bottles they lose a certain

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of Brashear, the pioneer Kentucky surgeon, who first

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