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tions, but even knowing its occasional absence, there will always

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disant professor of elocution, who will profess ability to cure it,

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Muscles of the Tail. — These muscles are divisible into four pairs.

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simple movements, as flexion or extension of the forearm or leg, are care-

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recovers itself, the increase of arterial pressure procuring the

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concluded that " the very best that could be done in those cases of sclerosis

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Fourthly, as to the State of the Bowels. — In the early stages

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Boston and Lawrence 2 each, Cambridge, Gloucester and Pea-

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appearance. They must as a rule be searched for, although there are ex-

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in general use. Possesses a pronounced specific action as a nerve sedative and

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cent. (0.972) Cocaine Hydrochloride with other essential ingredients.

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in reading our early history, one may almost hear the

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enable a medical man in fair practice to keep his records. Wo

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The Commencement Exercises in the College Chapel, Thursday evening,

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the site of subcutaneous inoculation and permits the animals to live for sev-

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calculated to promote the safety of the mother ;" or that " it is

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This is not common, and seems to have affinities with P, gracilis,

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fecting buildings freely open to the air, infected yards, parks,

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to fix the exact duration of pertussis, but exclusive of the catarrhal stage

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we have not the time here to go into a detailed analysis of, but

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kindness of the proprietors. It is a preparation composed of ani-

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although there was said to be no w r hooping-cough on the island at that time.

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of the joint, accurately flt. We have seen similar fibro-cartilages in the elbow-joint

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and becomes a little quantity, and to appear a round lump.

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