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no notice of the numerous divisions and subdivisions
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tuberculin, suitable for employment, is now obtainable commercially in
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to the Hospital. He left the specimen with me for exhibition. I saw the
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but tympany develops, which soon obscures the palpatory
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in the ear thirty years ago, and of abscess in ihe neck seventeen years
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III. Stage of Suppuration. — This stage begins when the sloughs
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quate breathing space. The lateral cricoarytenoid muscles, as well as
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mation, as has been shown by perfusion experiments, and by the fact
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direct experiments with ducks, which he fed on banstickles.
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the sum would certainly convince the community that aerial
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about 1 1 o'clock — the King and Queen, with the prin-
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part of the body. His general health was unimpaired
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him since 1870 in which he applied hot water to the
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persftu to be weak, fearful, of a quick understanding, and
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period of cure for primary and secondary affections, treated without
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carefully introduced into the vagina and uterus; as soon as
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tion which — not recognized as a distinct disease requiring defi-
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advertise largely. In the books so written there is
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apply to our own conditions. No attempt has been made to
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Fig 2. Health R & D as a proportion of total health cost.
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nal applications to the diseased parts; 3d, internal medicines. The hvgienic
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When the case has been complicated with secondary affections,
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and belongs to the category of interstitial or cirrhotic pneu-
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not only a more serviceable animal, but one that will stand
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be glad to hear of any cases that members would care to exhibit, and
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sweet. If the meat has been hung for a long time, and it is
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