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Exploration of the common duct with removal of stones

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dominal discomfort has disappeared. I think he is cured.

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tones by means of phosphotungstic acid and estimated

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both, or even one of them, if possible, under certain exigen-

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isting lesions in the sclera, a slight haze appears with-

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appears from reliable authority that about 1752, Dr. Sar-

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cavity is exposed and its contents in view. Always cut

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uncertainty in the success of the medical art ; an art

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is expensive, but if sheep are to be kept on the land it is

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pyknosis, and in part on finding desquamation of entire cells and

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$2,000) per week. Edward Burnham is superintendent of the children's

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clude that thymus extract is of very little value, if any, in any

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nature of the exudation and the affection of the respiratory apparatus, with a

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acetanilid itself, with the noticeable advantage, however, of acting more

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ovarian ; 1 abdominal abscess ; 2 removal of immense

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use fine silk and needle, and put stitches close together; then hold part

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" Experience has taught us that in Salophen we have this long-wished for remedy.

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nevertheless we ad\'ise Dr. AgneVs friends to record their votes in

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book of what was due me, which was all I had for securi-

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enter the central orifice as there is a blind sac on each

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60 as not to wound the placenta, but only to expose the thin and de-

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showed extreme button-hole contraction of the mitral orifice

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V. 14 (4), Jan., pp. 114-117, figs. 1-3. [W a , YV'".]

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tion, for, notwithstanding the opinion expressed by Dr. Fuller,

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bladder, several applications of the adrenalin solution, 1 :iooo,

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Professor of Anatomy and Dermatology, Hospital College of Medicine.

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the most interesting that he had heard read at the Section for a

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I'ses, but it is questionable in how far they are applica-

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qualification. Fairly interpreted, the rule has the

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'I injected the tumor thirteen times, viz.: May 3, 10, 20, June 15, 22,

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not the pluck to resist, "We do not grow cowards on American soil. As

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naud was when he first described this interesting affection now called

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