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about $2.50 per week per inmate, and about one-third
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•637 Fleischmann, W. Book of the dairy. Trans, from
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nineteenth century will be always remembered as the era of
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days. I saw at once that no omelet could long withstand
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ostentatiously in my estimate of the advantages I have
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her bowels were never moved unless by strong medicine. Towards the
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house, and may have some relation to the homicides :
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tant practical advancement, and one well adapted to the char-
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ture. The next day there came the eventration, which was for-
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to diagnosis, and Haan in 181)8 rej^orted that, wish-
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factory. Following section of the cord, the body temperature adjusts
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state of the colon should be most carefully inquired into.
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that few surgeons undertake the operation, especially in adult
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Of all the gifts bestowed upon humanity, none is more
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if its strength or purity falls below the professed standard under which
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The drug is easily taken and the elimination of chlorids from the
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Hirschbrach] <Centralbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc.], Jena, 1. Abt., v. 38 (1-3), 20.
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A TREATISE OxX HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY; Designed for the Use of
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help to demonstrate the truth of many of | left side does not always destroy power of
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ignorance, to think his case " unique," or his observation original !
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and then note the results in the dogs, and still believe in the
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poral bones. The fragment of bone was firequently moved
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full share in all that a century of learning, of culture,
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that union will occur if immobilization is complete
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it may be possible to return to ordinary elevations
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other conveyances disarranges the digestion. So it happens
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to attend subsequent Health Days and to note the part
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can be proved by the following passage from a paper on the medical
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fails to return the bones in their position. The dog is put under
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inflammation of the lungs, pleurisy and contusions. I
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affected the cornea and conjunctiva. On the 28th the patient died. The post-

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